The National Association of Surface Finishers wish to restate the established practices of the metal finishing industry as it pertains to processing materials. It is generally recognized that even after employing all modern science, current processes, and capable persons with years of training and expertise, there still remains hazards in the electroplating, anodizing, and metal finishing fields. These practices have been formalized and unanimously adopted by the members of this Association and AeroDynamics, LLC (AD). As a consequence, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, the below terms and conditions are hereby set forth, under which material will be accepted for processing:

  1. Whenever given work for processing with detailed treatment instructions, the responsibility of AD shall end once these instructions have been carried out. Type of material, tolerance, and specifications for processing shall be declared in writing prior to processing.
  2. Liability for any cause is limited to the lesser of either the direct labor and material costs of the product damaged by processing or up to two times the processing charges. Compensation will only be given in the form of a credit towards future processing unless agreed upon in writing prior to processing the job. Pricing shall be based upon this limited liability policy. Liability greater than that outlined previously in this section shall be assumed by AD only when so agreed upon in writing. In such an event a higher charge may be made for services given.
  3. Parts, materials, etc. as processed by AD shall be presumed to be accepted as satisfactory by the customer if AD is not notified of damages, shortages, or other discrepancies within (5) working days after receipt of goods by the customer. Rejected parts must be returned for rework. Further processing or assembly of rejected parts, materials, etc, by any party shall waive any liability held by AD.
  4. When operations or processes performed by AD are in the nature of restoration or salvaging parts or material, the work shall be accepted on a best effort basis. AD shall not be held liable for such work unless previously agreed upon in writing prior to processing the job.
  5. In the event that results of the material finishing operation(s) are unsatisfactory due to metal imperfections, changes in grade or composition of materials, manufacturing and/or fabrication imperfections, usages for which the plating or other material finishing operation was not reasonably designed, damages while in transport (including by AD vehicles), natural accidents, and similar uncontrollable variables, the customer shall be required to pay the contracted amount for the finishing operation(s) performed.
  6. Due to the high risk of damage from differential heating of alloy constituents in high copper aluminum alloys, all 2000 series aluminum alloys will be Hard Coat Anodized (Type III) on a best effort basis only and AD shall have no liability for parts damaged during processing.
  7. Minimum charges for multiple processes will be evaluated based on part size, quantity, and estimated labor to complete the processes. No minimum charge list can alone accurately provide the most competitive price for a part without a thorough review of blueprints and plating requirements.
  8. All invoices are subject to a 7% environmental surcharge, and will be displayed as a separate line item on each invoice unless otherwise established.
  9. Customer agrees not to use or disclose any information to any third party, now or in the future, concerning masking, racking, fixturing, tooling, or chemical processes and procedures used at AD. If the customer violates any of the terms herein provided, the customer shall pay the total sum of damages incurred.
  10. Chemical processing and inspection records are kept for 10 years after the part leaves possession of AD unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  11. The provisions hereof constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Any changes, alterations, waivers, or modifications with respect to the job performed, terms of sale, or any other matter set forth herein, must be in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of AD. These terms and conditions shall apply to this and any future order or agreement for the processing of any materials.

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